Vol. 3 No. 1 (2024): MUNDI

The Gradual Collapse of the Venezuelan Petrostate and Its Regional Consequences

Published 2024-06-12


State collapse weakens its overall geographic region by creating an enhanced risk of instability, social unrest, and potential conflict. This paper details the complete history of the Venezuelan petrostate and its gradual but undeniable decline that resulted in the economic, political, and humanitarian crisis that occurred between 2014 to 2019. In wake of its collapse, Latin America was affected greatly by the Venezuelan refugee crisis generated as a result, and Venezuelan citizens’ humanitarian need. As a result of Venezuela’s collapsed healthcare infrastructure, the regional weakness of preventative care against infectious diseases was exacerbated and created a profound health epidemic. This revealed state weaknesses on a regional scale. This paper will prove the profound regional consequences that state collapse imposes through the story of the Venezuelan state, its collapse, and the crisis generated as a result.