The Effects of Acute Online Yoga for Anxiety and Mood States: A Pilot Study
Cover Image Photo Credit: Beth Shepard-Rabadam, Associate Director, Temple University Ambler Campus


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Soliva, E., Kovacs, S., & Fritz, K. (2022). The Effects of Acute Online Yoga for Anxiety and Mood States: A Pilot Study: Online Yoga for Anxiety . CommonHealth, 3(2), 65–74.


PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to examine the effects that an acute bout of online yoga has on anxiety. The secondary purpose was to compare the anxiolytic effects of this study to the effect size reported for the effects of acute in-person yoga (1). METHODS: Eligible participants were randomly assigned to a 30-minute, prerecorded Zoom session of either yoga practice or yoga information. Prior to and following completing the recording, participants completed an online survey assessing anxiety and mood. An effect size (SMD) was calculated and compared to the effect size reported in a meta-analysis (1). RESULTS: Statistically significant group X time interactions were found for anxiety outcomes (intensity, frequency, total) (p<.026) and for POMS tension, fatigue, depression, esteem-related, vigor, and total mood disturbance scores, p<.041. Yoga participants reported a greater reduction in total anxiety and total mood disturbance scores compared to information participants. The SMD anxiety scores in this study was .54 (95% CI, .051-1.034), which is comparable to the effect size previously reported (1) which was .55 (95% CI, .29-.79). CONCLUSION: Acute online yoga was found to reduce anxiety. When compared to in person yoga, online yoga appears to have similar anxiolytic effects.