Vol. 3 No. 2 (2022): CommonHealth

The June 2022 issues of CommonHealth includes work from CPH faculty and students in the form of original research articles, case reports, and opinion pieces. A focus of two of the articles in the issue is on the impact of the September 2021 tornado at Temple University’s Ambler campus. In 2020, the Ambler campus was designated as a field station. The Temple Ambler Field Station provides a unique platform for field research and education across disciplines, with a focus on ecology, environmental science, and sustainability within the context of a changing climate.  Both internal and external researchers and students use the Field Station’s facilities and adjacent natural areas to promote deeper understanding of the impacts of global change on ecological and human systems. The Temple Forest Observatory, a research site run by the Field Station, supports detailed study and hands-on training opportunities that explore forest recovery after an extreme weather event.  More information about the Field Station can be found at https://ambler.temple.edu/fieldstation or follow us on Instagram and Twitter @TUfieldstation.

Cover image photo credit: Beth Shepard-Rabadam, Associate Director, Temple University Ambler Campus

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