Who can submit to Maneto?

Any Temple University undergraduate may submit to the journal, within any discipline or college of the university. Research must be conducted within an undergraduate program; however, graduating seniors may submit within a year of graduation.


What kind of work do you accept?

Maneto accepts standard research (conducted in a lab setting or written for a course assignment) as long as it fits within the submissions guidelines. In addition, we also accept creative work  — such as students would compose in capstone classes or for a senior thesis.

If you are working with live subjects, you must submit your IRB approval with your submission.

Submissions may be composed of solely written work (with figures or drawings), but video submissions are also accepted.

We do not currently accept opinion pieces. In addition, all non-creative work must be original research only.


Who is reading my work? Do they know who I am?

At Maneto, we employ a blind review process. This means that the identity of the author is disclosed to the reviewers, but the reviewers' identity is not disclosed to the author. When you submit to Maneto, your piece is first read by an undergraduate student editorial board that evaluates the content. Simultaneously, a graduate student in an appropriate field of study will review the piece. The graduate student gives feedback which the student editorial board uses to make a recommendation to the faculty board. If the faculty board approves the piece, it will then be sent back to the undergraduate editorial board for final editing and author conferencing to prepare for publication. All final decisions regarding what is published will be made by the faculty editorial board.


I worked with a professor for my piece. Can I list them as an author?

Yes, but the undergraduate student must be the primary author and must have completed the bulk of the project. This is your work, not your professor’s. This applies to graduate students as well; you may list a graduate student as a co-author, but an undergraduate must be the primary author.


What if I want to submit more than once? Or to another journal?

Maneto does not allow simultaneous submissions to other journals.

You are more than welcome to submit more than one piece to Maneto, but please do not submit the same piece twice.


I have/want to present my work at a conference. Can I still submit?

As long as the work has not been published elsewhere, you are more than welcome to submit conference pieces to Maneto.


I’m an international student; can I submit a paper in my home language?

All submissions to Maneto must be written in primarily English. If you have any questions/concerns please contact us at templemaneto@gmail.com.


I was published in a prior issue, but I want to change something in my work.

While we do not allow authors to edit or change their pieces after publication, we will allow addendums to be attached to the piece after publication. All requests for addendums must be submitted in the same manner as a regular submission. Addendums must be added within one calendar year of the piece’s publication.